Support Business Performance and Growth Through Customer Surveys

If there’s one thing a business needs to do to nail its offering it’s to understand its customer base – how they feel, what they need, and where they think improvements can be made. That’s why we’ve launched Survey, a feature rich but lightweight tool that allows you to easily gather customer feedback and turn it into better products and services. 

Customer feedback surveys are a key component of a successful growth strategy – one that ensures a competitive advantage and continued profitability.

They are a simple but effective way to keep in touch with the consumer market and gather measurable insights for development. 

And with the Survey feature they’re incredibly easy to implement and act on. Here’s a closer look at the type of surveys you can now run on-site to promote customer centric growth, and all from within your dash.

What Feedback Can You Gather with Surveys?

Our latest feature rollout allows you to collect customer insight on multiple aspects of your business, for example, the level of service you provide, the on-site experience, or the likelihood of a customer recommending you to friends and family.

Customer Effort Score (CES)

This is a measure of the effort required by the customer to complete a particular interaction with you, like a purchase, a returns request or the submission of a complaint. To put it another way, it’s how easy (or not!) you make that interaction for the consumer. 

Low level effort is a major driver of loyalty and retention, with 96% of customers becoming more disloyal to a brand after a high effort service interaction. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

These customer experience metrics measure the likelihood of recommendation and the level of customer satisfaction respectively, offering valuable insight on how well you meet consumer expectation. 

By using NPS or CSAT you gain a quantitative metric of customer satisfaction, as well as qualitative feedback on the why behind that level of satisfaction.

That’s information you can use to build long term relationships and prevent customer churn. 

Onboarding experience surveys

If you have a process that requires onboarding, like signing up to a loyalty program for example, this is the survey to help refine it. 

To use our loyalty program example, 69% of consumers say they find them too hard to join or earn points from.

With an onboarding survey you can identify those points of friction and remove them.

Content experience surveys

FAQs, blog posts, instructional documentation – where there’s content on a website it needs to add value. If it doesn’t, it’s detrimental to the customer experience. 

With content surveys you can quickly establish if your FAQs actually address the question, if instructional content is easy to follow, or how engaging a customer finds a blog post. 

We’ve covered the most commonly used survey types there but the possibilities are pretty much endless. For example, you might want to trial a new page layout and gather real time data on what users think of it. 

It all depends on the needs of your business at any given time and what you’re looking to gain insight on. Whatever you use Survey for though, the benefits are clear cut:

  • You’ll get the insight you need to support product and service development in line with customer needs.
  • You’ll boost conversion rates with a smoother, slicker on-site experience built from the user perspective.
  • You’ll improve the customer journey by reducing friction at every stage and adding value with your on-site content and processes.
  • You’ll drive loyalty and retention simply by asking customers for their thoughts – in fact, 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that has sought their opinion, and 52% say they become more loyal to a brand if it asks for feedback. 

How it Works – Survey Features and Functionality

Just like we do with all our features, we’ve made Survey easy to implement and user friendly for both you and your customers. We’ve also ensured a lightweight design so you can run customer feedback surveys without impacting the on-site experience.  

Here’s an overview of some of its key features:

Various rating options: choose rating icons that fit with your brand personality and site design. Pick from star ratings, thumbs up/thumbs down, or a range of engaging emojis, either static or animated.

Screen capture: allow customers to take a screen capture and use a pen tool to show exactly what they’re referring to in their feedback. 

Customizable widgets: customize our lightning fast widgets to suit your site, with customization options for color scheme, size and on-site positioning.

Reporting dashboard: see comprehensive analytics for all your customer feedback surveys to easily measure customer sentiment overtime. 

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