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In today’s highly competitive digital world, DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) and ecommerce brands need to leverage the power of paid media marketing to increase their online sales. Paid media marketing offers an effective way to reach potential customers, build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and most importantly efficiently drive sales and improve profits.

The team of marketing experts at HUNTER has been building marketing strategies for DTC and E-commerce brands since the ’90s (damn, that’s over 25 years)! We know what it takes to grow brands online sales, with a focus on Paid Search (Google Ads and Google Shopping) and Paid Social (Meta Ads).

Paid Search & Shopping

Keyword Research: The first step in creating a successful Google Ads campaign is to conduct keyword research. Keyword research involves identifying the most relevant and profitable keywords for your business. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush to find high-volume, low-competition keywords related to your products.

Ad Copy: Your ad copy should be compelling and persuasive, with a clear call-to-action. Use your keywords in your ad copy and highlight your unique selling proposition (USP). Also, ensure that your ad copy is relevant to the user’s search query.

Landing Pages: Create dedicated landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns. Your landing pages should be optimized for conversions and should be relevant to the ad copy and keywords used in your ads.

Targeting: Google Ads offers various targeting options, including location, language, device, and audience targeting. Use these targeting options to reach your target audience and maximize your ROI.

Remarketing: Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited your website. This can be an effective way to remind users about your products and encourage them to make a purchase.

Paid Social

Audience Targeting: Meta Ads offer advanced audience targeting options that allow you to reach your ideal customers. You can target users based on their demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. Use this targeting to ensure that your ads are shown to the right people.

Ad Formats: Meta Ads offer various ad formats, including single image, video, carousel, and collection ads. Use the ad format that best suits your campaign objective and target audience.

Ad Creative: Your ad creative should be visually appealing and eye-catching. Use high-quality images and videos that showcase your products. Also, ensure that your ad creative aligns with your brand image.

Call-to-Action: Your ad should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages users to take action. Use action-oriented CTAs like “Shop Now” or “Learn More” to drive clicks and conversions.

Testing and Optimization: Test different ad creatives, ad formats, and targeting options to see what works best for your campaign. Use A/B testing to compare different variations of your ads and optimize your campaigns for better performance.

Paid media marketing offers a powerful way for DTC and E-commerce brands to grow their online sales. By leveraging the power of Paid Search (Google Ads and Google Shopping) and Paid Social (Meta Ads), brands can reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to their website. Using the strategies outlined above, the Hunter Digital team creates effective paid media marketing campaigns that help you achieve your business goals.