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Social media has grown beyond just platforms to create content and connect with other users. In fact, 43% of internet users research products and services directly through social networks. In our digital age, social media influences purchasing decisions more than ever before.

With video advertising, lead advertising for mobile devices, and dynamic ads that promote products to relevant consumers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, HUNTER aims to maximize return on investment through some of the most accessible channels to your consumers today.

Generate Revenue with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Tiktok Ads.


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We are specialists in different types of advertising and will adapt to the needs of your business. The Hunter team will create and launch professionally designed advertisements utilizing the optimal strategies for the success of your company. Once your advertisements are live, we will monitor their metrics and adjust our strategies to ensure your ad campaigns grow with your business.

Our Paid Social Clients

Anytown USA
Industry: Gifting
Industry: Fashion
C’est Beau 1892
Industry: Fashion
Chefs Closet
Industry: B2B
Cuddl Duds
Industry: Fashion
Industry: Misc
Industry: Fashion
Industry: Fashion
House of Hackney
Industry: Home
Industry: Fashion
Imperial Textile
Industry: B2B
Jen’s Scrubs
Industry: B2B
Industry: Fitness/Leisure
Luxmi Teas
Industry: Food/Bev
Ramy Brook
Industry: Fashion
Industry: Fashion
Sands Point Shop
Industry: Fashion
Industry: Food/Bev
Smoke Rise
Industry: Fashion
Industry: Fashion
Stacey Hawkins
Industry: Food/Bev

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