Connecting creators with Shopify’s millions of merchants: Introducing Shopify Collabs

Using Shopify Collabs, creators can discover and partner with Shopify’s millions of merchants, and independent brands can reach new consumers

  • Most creators can’t support themselves full time. Discovering brands and establishing partnerships is cumbersome, and creators want to spend their time making content 
  • With Shopify Collabs, creators can easily discover and partner with merchants to build curated shops and share products that reflect their own interests, accelerating their path to entrepreneurship  
  • Building on integrations with social and entertainment platforms, launch of Linkpop and Starter plan, Shopify Collabs cements Shopify as the creator’s commerce platform of choice

At Shopify, we believe creators are the next generation of entrepreneurs. They’re artists and makers building passionate followings that they inspire, inform, and entertain. They use their creativity to engage audiences across the internet. 

Shopify’s goal is to bring economic independence to this new generation of entrepreneurs. Despite the size of the total creator economy, estimated to be worth over $100B, most creators struggle to make money and become independent. Just 4% of creators make content full time. As a solo creator, discovering brands and establishing partnerships is cumbersome, and creators would rather spend their time doing what they love—engaging with their audiences.

For merchants, the creator economy presents a new way to find new consumers, at a time when acquiring customers has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Creators are trusted by audiences who look to them to share product recommendations they know they’ll love. 

Enter Shopify Collabs. With Collabs, we’re bringing brands and creators together, making it simple for creators to monetize while giving merchants a new sales and marketing channel. For consumers, that will mean hearing about the world’s best independent brands and products from creators they trust.  

Collabs helps creators monetize by discovering and partnering with the independent brands their audiences will love

Creators can now discover Shopify brands who are looking for new collabs.

Creators can view details about a brand on their profile page.

Creators can find products they want to promote from their collabs.

Creators can redeem gifts sent to them by brands.

Creators can track the performance of their collabs.

Once approved, creators can find details about their collab all in one place.

With Shopify Collabs, creators of all kinds can now easily browse, discover and partner with Shopify’s millions of merchants for free. Here’s how:

  • Creators apply for a Shopify Collabs account, and browse for Shopify merchants that align with their audience. 
  • Once they find brands they love, creators can partner with those merchants and use Linkpop, Shopify’s free link in bio tool built for commerce, to curate a selection of products to share on their favorite social and entertainment platforms.
  • When someone purchases a product using the link a creator has shared, that creator gets paid. And it’s all managed from Shopify Collabs—from discovery to payout.

“Besides creating great content for my audience, an essential part of my job is to be my most authentic self and work with brands that I genuinely love to wear and use,” said Rahel Brhane, content creator. “While it can be overwhelming and time consuming to find, communicate and weed out the brands that reflect who I am, it’s the only way to preserve my integrity and keep the trust I’ve built with my audience. This is why I am super excited to have access to a product like Shopify Collabs because they’ve made it so easy to search and discover new and existing merchants! My job is all about creating and building meaningful relationships with brands and this new platform will make the process much more seamless and allow me to shift the focus back on my craft of creating great content!”

“Shopify is where the world’s best independent brands go to build their businesses. With Shopify Collabs, we’re making it simple for creators to discover and partner with these brands so they can make more money and reach economic independence,” said Amir Kabbara, Director of Product, Shopify. “In the future, Collabs will be fully integrated with Shopify, giving creators access to more parts of our platform and accelerating their journey as entrepreneurs.”

Collabs gives merchants a new channel to find highly engaged consumers

Shopify merchants can use Collabs to discover and manage their relationships with creators, giving them a new sales and marketing channel to find and engage with high-impact audiences. Once merchants install Collabs and make their store and products discoverable, creators can apply to join that merchant’s community. Shopify Collabs can then be used to manage the relationship with that creator, supplying everything they need, like unique links or discount codes, to share that merchant’s products with their audiences. Because Collabs is built on Shopify, the entire process is managed centrally from the merchant’s Shopify admin, which means inventory, order, and customer information are kept up to date, giving a real-time view of the merchant’s entire multichannel sales.

“For Shopify merchants, Collabs is a new way to find potential customers at a time when it’s never been more difficult or expensive,” Kabbara continued. “By giving merchants the ability to discover and partner with creators that align with their brand, they can tap into the power of community-driven commerce to reach consumers in new and meaningful ways.” 

“How brands find new customers is changing,” said Nathaniel Weiss, President, Nécessaire. “Working closely with creators across platforms has been a key component of our sales and marketing strategy, and Shopify Collabs has been a vital tool in helping us manage that community. Streamlining how we find and partner with creators in the same platform we already use to manage our business will mean we can spend more time doing what we do best—creating great products.”

Shopify powers commerce for the creator economy

Shopify Collabs is our latest step in building for creators and making new modes of commerce possible for merchants of all kinds. Here’s what else creators and merchants can do today on Shopify:

  • Launch a simple mobile-friendly store with Shopify’s Starter Plan, a $5 plan that new-to-commerce creators can use to get a no-code store up and running. Creators can share links to their communities on platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and more, or on their Linkpop
  • Make their link in bio shoppable withnLinknpop, so that they can share products wherever they engage with consumers and make check out simple
  • Integrate directly with the world’s most important social and entertainment platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and more

All of these products have laid the foundation for Shopify becoming a creator’s commerce platform of choice. 

Written by Shopify

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