Enhanced A/B testing for better flow email performance

Being able to easily identify what content resonates the most with your audience is key, especially with automations that are constantly running in the background. A/B testing is a great way to do that, saving you time and money by sending the best-performing message variation to your audience at the right time.

Our new and improved A/B testing experience for email in flows empowers you to do all of this and more. We’ve brought our automatic winner-selecting logic from campaigns and forms into flows, improved reporting capabilities, and made running multiple tests all in one flow easier. Let’s take a deeper look.

More time back in your day to spend on the things you want

A/B testing can be a little overwhelming. You have to think about variations, testing duration, and how you’ll know when your test is complete. We wanted to take the guesswork out of when a test is finished.

Whether you’re new to marketing automations or have been in the industry for years, it’s even more seamless to run A/B tests on flow messages to identify what content performs better. Quickly add variations to your flows that include the ability to test CTAs, emojis, images, or GIFs. Now you don’t have to set a calendar reminder for a few weeks to go into your flow and turn off the test.

Quickly set the success criteria by choosing open or click rate as your winning metric. You’ll have the option of selecting a winner based on statistical significance (when Klaviyo is mathematically able to determine whether a variation produced improved performance).

But say you have an important content strategy meeting coming up and you need your test to be completed by a specific date. You can now manually assign a date for your test to end, and even declare a winner, if you need results quickly. Once the winner selection criteria is met, the test with the higher win metric will automatically start sending to 100% of your audience.

Select the winning metric in an email flow AB test with Klaviyo

Optimize email flow performance without the manual work

Testing your content should be an ongoing process. With this new framework, you can navigate to the same email within your flow and create a new A/B test. Maybe you want to test different preview texts to support your winning subject line. Or, maybe you want to focus on the body of your email. Setting up a new test is just as quick as the first one.

Gone are the days of clicking around in the flow builder looking for reporting. We’ve pulled everything you need to know about your test into a quick snapshot on the left hand side panel of your screen. You can also view deeper analytics when you select the messages being tested and choose “view all analytics.” Here’s where you’ll also see testing history for a quick refresher on which variation won. Test multiple variations, or just a few, without having to worry about your learnings getting lost.

View detailed analytics from your AB test on flow emails with Klaviyo.

Klaviyo works better for you

A/B testing doesn’t have to be time consuming. We enhanced our flows testing framework to help you automate and optimize faster so that you send the best-fitting content to the right audience. Set up an A/B test in your flows in minutes and let us do the statistical analysis work of declaring the winner at the right point in time. If you aren’t seeing the new experience in your account today, you will by the end of the week.

Written by Klaviyo (Author: Shoshana Antunes)

Link to Original Blog: https://www.klaviyo.com/blog/product-abtest-flows

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