Our SEO Methodology

Our SEO Methodology

Delivering optimal search rankings for our clients.

Hunter Digital’s 4R’s SEO Methodology was designed to deliver optimal search rankings for our clients.  The process looks keywords/phases by their Reach, Relevance and Rank to determine where efforts are best spent to make realistic Recommendations (the 4th R).

Hunter Digital‘s 4R’s SEO Methodology


Reach is simply how many searches are being performed on Google for the previous period.  Reach can be looked at “locally” (U.S. searches) or globally. Furthermore, they can be looked at by “match type” of Exact, Phrase or Board.

Hunter Digital prefers using exact match as it removes any doubt about what the user thought when she was performing her search.


Relevance is based on theory, and best comes from the client’s expert knowledge of their consumer.  Here we are looking to determine if the keyword/phrase is relevant to the client’s product or service. Hunter Digital also analyzes Google Paid Search Average Cost per Click (aCPC) data as relevance factor. aCPC data gives insights into what someone would pay to get high rank on Google Adwords.  A high aCPC means the keywords is valuable and implies it is highly relevant to the Adwords buyer.


Looking at our client’s current organic rankings, along with the competitive landscape, we can better determine how much effort is required to get the desired outcome (page 1 above the fold).

Based on the research performed on the above three R’s, Hunter Digital can recommend a plan that has proven to produce trackable results.  Results are tracked using industry standard tools that pull the clients Rank Position on a monthly basis.  Using these reports, Hunter Digital can see how the content marketing and SEO efforts are improving our client’s rankings. It also allows Hunter Digital to pivot if unforeseen results occur or once goals are obtained.

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