Email Marketing

Communicate directly with your customer base and keep the most effective relationship alive.

Stay In Touch with your

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can use today. Statistics show that a little over 40% of small businesses with over 500 subscribers say that their email strategies are effective in promoting their business and engaging customers.


With email marketing, HUNTER can ensure that your customers stay in the loop about your latest discounts, new products and services, and other educational updates about your company. Whether it be through newsletters or promotional emails, HUNTER is dedicated to crafting an effective campaign that keeps your most valuable customer relationships alive.


Our Strategies


Stay on your customers’ minds by delivering yourself right to their inbox

A/B Testing

Hunter finds the optimal subject lines, content, and images to get the most engagement with our emails out of your email list subscribers

Marketing Automation

We’ll tag conditional content to make sure each customer sees exactly what they need to see to make your company’s products or services the most appealing to them

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